Sofreh Aghd

We make a brilliant mixture of modern design trends and Iranian precious traditional style, which you have rarely seen before. 

Our samples show some details or corners but visiting showroom helps you to see whole arrangement with flower and lighting. 

You can visit Baran Gallery showroom only by appointment.

Baran gallery makes these moments an unforgettable event. Our educated designers bring their art knowledge and skills to combine

your taste and opinion in to an glorious scene. Variation in color and style is one of our points.


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Baran Gallery provide

extra services include:


* Baklava & cookies
* Bread & Cheese
* Fresh Flower
* Money Box                               
* Ring Cushion
* Centerpiece
* Flower Girl Basket & Hair Band 
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In Persian wedding the marriage ceremony is called "Aghd", the legal process of getting married, when both the bride and the groom and their guardians sign a marriage contract.

The ceremony takes place in a special room decorated with flowers and a beautiful arrangement spreads on the floor called "Sofreh-ye Aghd"ax for sofreh aghd copy

The following items are placed on Sofreh-ye Aghd:

Mirrors and Candelabras represent bright future.

Quran or Poetry book represents faith and spirituality.                                       

Honey, Sweets and Nabat represent sweetness.                                    

Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut and Eggs represent fertility.

Bread and Wheat represent prosperity.

Esphand is to keep away the evil eye.

And Termeh (an ancient tapestry embroidered with gold string) represents eternity and family tradition.

All items arranged a beautiful welcoming for bride and groom and each one requests a wish for their new life. As Mirror wishes for bright future and Honey wishes for sweetness.

"Aghd" is the very first part of the wedding ceremony and we believe it’s the holiest and most glorious spot, which creates a dreamy and spiritual sense.