Baran Gallery Services

Baran Gallery services are include:
Persian Wedding Design , Sofreh Aghd , Event Table , Decoration , Interior Design , Decorative Painting , Art & Craft and Graphic Design.
We are very interested and involved in the activity of designing various kind of decorations and presents a complete arrangement for each Sofreh Aghd in showroom, so you are welcome to visit our showroom and easily chose from various and different designs.

All the wedding items are rental and you can chose whatever you like.
Our special service is designing and arranging your desire sofreh aghd in your favorite colours.
At Baran Gallery we always succeed in providing good quality service to customers and ensure that our designs are in keeping with their tastes.

Our designs are always attractive and unique.

* Sofreh Haft seen
Baran Gallery team works behind the scenes to ensure your wedding goes smoothly and relieving you of stress and help you to create lasting memories.
Bita Binesh as a wedding Designer manages every detail to turn Fantasy in to Fantastic reality!
We provide our services in Toronto - Richmond Hill and GTA area