About Us

Mrs. Bita Binesh has more than 15 years experiences as a Graphic Designer. She is very interested and involved in the activity of designing various kinds of items. She has also more than 5 years work experiences as wedding Designer in Baran Gallery.
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As a designer she always succeeds in providing good quality services to customers and ensuring that the designs are in keeping with customers tastes. All her designs are charming and unique. This is what customers declare and what we really care about at Baran Gallery.
As a result, One of Mrs. Bita Binesh artworks was awarded gold prize in a design competition.
If you live in Toronto and GTA area you can visit our showroom and see our various
designs of sofreh aghd, event table and more...
Please make an Appointment.
This helps us to preview the items for you in an exclusive show. We present a complete arrangement for each sofreh aghd in showroom, so you can decide easily. All the wedding items are rental, So choose whatever you like.

Baran gallery provides:
Sofreh Aghd - Event Tables - Wedding Design
Interior Design - Art & Handcraf - Graphic Design